BIg White NOR AM February 2014 Day One First Place

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Mike Perle Big White 2014 Race 1

Day 2 of the Big White Race – Fifth Place !

February 2014 – Copper NOR AM Race # 2 First PLace

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Mike in Copper Day 2

Well, the 2nd NorAm SBX is on at Copper Mountain in Colorado,
Word on the street is that if you can’t ride the berms, you may as well go home. SO I guess we’ll see who can ride and has been working on their turns. Good Luck to everyone racing today!   Mike Perle – 1st , James Harris – 2nd Place

February 2014 Copper NOR AM – Race # 1 FIRST PLACE

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Mike in Copper Day 1


Copper NorAm RACE #1 – ISTC athletes take the 2 top steps on the podium. Mike Perle – 1st &  James Harris – 2nd.
It was a bit cold at the Copper Course, but Sunny and clear skies made …for a great day of racing. Funny how in the past people complained that the ISTC built the course and trained on the course longer than anyone, that is why we have down well there. Well, we didn’t build the course, and we didn’t train the course longer than anyone else, NOW WHAT YOU GOTTA SAY……? Congrats to everyone that competed today and have a great race tomorrow! We look forward to more action at the Copper NorAm.
MEN: 1 – Mike Perle (ISTC) 2 – James Harris (ISTC) 3 – Danny Bourgeois (CAN)

January 2014 Mt.Tremblant NOR -AM Race # 1 – 2nd Place

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Mt Tremblant Day 1 Podium

Its great to be back on snow.. First day of the NOR-AM tour .. Great day of racing.. Congratulations to Roger Carver on the win!


January 2014 Mt Tremblant NOR-AM Race # 2 3rd Place

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What started out as another cold day, ended up being a little warmer! But the day didn’t go so easily. There were protests and athletes upset from both countries. Well, we never said SBX racing is easy, and rarely do events go smoothly. Congrats to everyone that made it on the podium and those who ba ttled the cold!Mike 3rd Place Mont Tremblant

First Place in South American Cup – August 2013 Day 2

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First Place in South American Cup August 2013

2nd Race at South American Cup at Valle Nevado Chile ! ISTC athlete Mike Perle on top of the podium! Baptiste Brochu (CAN) 2nd, Franco Ruffini (ARG) 3rd. Congrats everyone

August 2013 South American Cup Chile Race 1 – Second Place

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Mike slashing at Valle Nevado Chile August 2013Mikes Second Place at the South American Cup August 2013

South American Cup August 2013! Jasey Jay Anderson takes home the Gold, ISTC athlete Mike Perle stands on the 2nd step. Simon White from Argentina took 3rd.


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Mt Hood Day Two Nor Am

ISTC Sweep on the second day of the Mt. Hood NorAm! It was a great day of racing, with the most exciting action going down in the third berm. Mick, Jared, and Chris were battling for the top two spots in the second semifinal heat when Mick and Jared took eachother out in the third berm. Unfortunately, neither could catch back up to advance to the final.

In the final, Chris had the hole shot. with Mikey and Bobby chasing close behind. Entering the third berm, Bobby pulled the classic Minghini move of ripping the turn inside, making an amazing pass for the lead. Neither Mikey, nor Chris could overtake Bobby again, leading to Bob’s third gold medal in the NorAm’s this year! Great racing everyone!

1- Bobby Minghini
2- Mikey Perle
3- Chris Mahaney (HoleShot Tour Overall Champion!)
4- Mitch Pitman
5- Jared Minghini
6- Mick Dierdroff

9- Billy Pettengill
21- Spencer Davis
26- Justin Pasutto
34- Senna Leith

One more race in Big White to decide the NorAm overall winners… lets get em boys!


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Mt Hood Day One Nor AM

The first day of the Mt. Hood NorAm is in the books. ISTC finds the podium again with Chris taking second and Mikey taking third. Congratulations to todays winner, Mick Dierdorff, for an impressive day of racing. We are back in the wax room, prepping for another good day tomorrow!

1. Mick Dierdorff
2. Chris Mahaney
3. Mikey Perle
4. Bobby Minghini

9. Billy Pettengill
10. Jarod Minghini
13. Justin Pasutto
23. Spencer Davis
36. Senna Leith

Lets finish this trip strong boys!

U.S. Snowboarding Junior World Team Named 2013

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PARK CITY, UT (Mar. 3) – The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association named a group of 29 talented athletes who are currently competing at the 2013 FIS Junior World Snowboarding Championships March 3-10 at Erzurum, Turkey. Headlining the team is 2012 Junior Worlds silver medalist Indigo Monk and NorAm force Mike Perle (Saddle River, NJ). Athletes attending hail from USSA club programs as well the U.S. Snowboarding Rookie Team.

(Name, team, hometown, date of birth) * denotes alternate

Mike Perle, Saddle River, NJ 1/21/1994 (International Snowboarding Training Center)
Freddy McCarthy, Sebago, ME 7/14/1993 (Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club)
Ryan Roemer, Bellevue, ID 6/7/1995 (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation)
Jack Taylor, Wayzata, MN 11/2/1995

Meghan Tierney, Edwards, CO 1/15/1997 (Ski Club Vail)
Alyssa Dolgin, Johnsbury, VT 5/27/1993
Karen Kobayashi, Rye, NY, 10/4/1995 (Stratton Mountain School)

•Indigo Monk (Manhattan Beach, CA) will be looking move up from her silver medal in slopestyle from 2012 Junior World Snowboarding Championships in Valmalenco, Italy.
•Watch out for Mike Perle (Saddle River, NJ) he has been a strong contender on the NorAm tour this season with one win and two top five finishes.
Karen Kobayashi (Rye, NY) has been a consistent top 10 finisher on the NorAm tour this season.
•New this season is the inclusion of the team Snowboardcross event.
•The event includes snowboardcross, team snowboarcross, parallel GS, parallel slalom, halfpipe and slopestyle.
•In addition to top three medals, the Marc Hodler Trophy will be awarded for overall team performance.
•Invited athletes must be between the ages of 13 – 19 years old.
•Snowboard Junior World Championships take place in Erzurum, Turkey March 3-10, 2013.

Abbi Nyberg, U.S. Snowboarding Program Manager
I am excited for a great group of young athletes to represent the United States. It’s so crucial to have events like this to grow our sport and let the world about our emerging talent. It’s good for the athletes to gain experience at a really unique event.

Sunday, March 3 – Men and women’s snowboardcross finals
Monday, March 4 – Men and women’s snowboardcross team finals
Wednesday, March 6 – Men and women’s parallel GS finals
Thursday, March 7 – Men and women’s parallel slalom finals
Friday, March 8 – Men and women’s halfpipe finals
Saturday, March 9 – Men and women’s slopestyle finals
Complete schedule here